Diabolo / variety artist

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He has been involved in the circus arts, in particular diabolo and showmanship, since the age of 7. But he didn’t go to circus school. He decided to look after me with his studies, and has just obtained a Master 2 in marketing and event management.


His parents were not involved in the arts at all, but ever since he was a child he has never missed an opportunity to perform on stage. As a teenager, he spent an enormous amount of time training and building up his act. The diabolo quickly became an important part of his personality.

In 2017, he won the World Performance Art Championship title in Los Angeles. His career then took a turn and he had to combine the end of his studies with shows. For several years now, he has been moving naturally towards burlesque and music hall.

Artists who have inspired him: Michel Courtemanche, Michael Davis.


He has been performing regularly for a number of years as a professional, but has always shared his time with his studies. For him, the César Palace was the start of a life as a full-time artist.


He regularly plucks his eyebrows to seduce his audience, but if you want to know more… You don’t know enough about him yet.


He doesn’t particularly like the codes of the traditional circus. He’s looking for a certain subtlety in his artistic universe, he’d like to move people beyond the sensational. He is convinced that today’s audiences are waiting for something unique.

He would like to entertain in a new way, with a show that is both technical and burlesque. The diabolo is often an object from our childhood, and he wants to give it a second life on stage, with all the technical rigour needed to move from a simple game to a live performance.


“Whoever steals an ox is really muscular.

– Chaval

“When I was young, I wanted to be a minister or a clown. I chose the second option because I’m a serious boy.

– Simon Berryer

“When I start taking myself seriously, I feel like a clown wearing high heels.”

– Robin Williams


Photo credit: Dominique Secher – Alain Fretet