A splendid buffoon, somewhere between ferocity and tenderness, he’s a devastating oddball who brings the unwary spectator crashing down with laughter, tossing him around in a succession of bubbling stunts, and plunging him into the humour of the words of a delightful brainstorm. Be careful at the start, hold on tight, let go and … enjoy!

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A resident of the famous Caveau de la République for 16 consecutive seasons, Paul Adam is an astonishing ‘One Man Shower’ with a rare personality. Paul is the new youth idol on YouTube. A sketch in which he explains his discovery of SMS has attracted over 800,000 views. In other monologues, he evokes the daily life of a sixty-year-old faced with the anguish of a colonoscopy. With laughter as the cure!

Depending on your evening, you’ll have the pleasure of watching this artist perform.