Too handsome, too well educated, he had everything to be the ideal son-in-law, and yet…

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“I was born on a Friday afternoon, at around 1.45pm, in the suburbs of Lyon. I’m the youngest of 3 children. Well no, I’m the ‘mistake’ in a family of 2 children. Yes, I’m the last one, 9 years after my two eldest, the one you don’t know if you’re going to keep, the one who’s really going to piss you off: yes, I’m the youngest!
As you can imagine, I didn’t have an easy childhood: hyper-attentive parents, brothers who took care of me, and very quickly I was labelled: I’m the spoilt brat!
So after all those years of mockery and jealousy, I had to find a job where nothing was won… I’ll be an actor or nothing, or the slightly crazy gamble of a crazy child!

In 2007 I left for the capital to join a theatre training course.

In 2009, I picked up my pen and a blank sheet of paper. My ideas are on fire and I’ll soon be treading the boards”.

Actor, author, comedian. Since the age of 12, Jeremy Charbonnel has been writing, performing and directing with good humour and generosity. As a television commentator (Comment ça va bien!), he alternates between film (Cloclo) and television (L’Escalier de fer, La Mort d’Auguste), between improvisation (La Ligue d’Impro, la LIFI) and One Man Show (Fils de…).

His parents wanted him to do a baccalauréat S (with honours) and study medicine… If he’s in front of you tonight, he’s screwed up somewhere!

Summer 2017 was a busy time for Jérémy. A report on BFM TV, a magnificent portrait in Télématin and a high-profile appearance in Les Enfants de la télé alongside Laurent Ruquier, every Sunday at 2.20pm on France 2. Jérémy continues his meteoric rise. And don’t forget Point Virgule, where he’s now open from Thursday to Saturday at 7pm. Discover it fast, fast, fast!

Depending on your evening, you’ll have the pleasure of watching this artist perform.