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An unforgettable group outing in Paris

Looking for an original group outing in Paris? Dare to dine at the Oh! César..

We offer special rates for all your dinners with friends, colleagues or family. Enjoy a warm and friendly setting for a group outing in Paris. Our cabaret welcomes you for all kinds of events you want to make unforgettable: birthdays, stag and hen parties, weddings. All your events will be transformed into exceptional moments with this group dinner show.

Are you a company or works council? Enjoy a special moment with your colleagues. Enjoy your dinner, escape to our show and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the new revue “Oh! César”. Feel like dancing or a cocktail after the show? The club awaits you until 1:45!

Book at Oh! César makes for an unforgettable evening.


As you can see, the Oh! César is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Take advantage of a visit to our beautiful capital to discover a legendary Cabaret