It’s time to let go!

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Make sure your retirement reflects the best of your career

Celebrate your new life in style with your colleagues and business partners

Start your retirement life on a festive note!

A new page has been turned, and your new life as a retiree is about to begin. Why choose Oh! Caesars to celebrate:

  • Look no further than Oh! César is the ideal place to get together with your professional colleagues and life partners and celebrate your new life in style:
  • Hearty meal with good accompaniment
  • A warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Stunning artists all around you, all evening long
  • A professional, chic and charming team who will take care of you from start to finish.
  • Let off steam on the cabaret stage until 1.45 in the morning

At the Oh! Cesar, you’ll be the center of attention. A new life is beginning, and it’s yours, so don’t miss out!
By choosing the Oh! César, you’re guaranteed to have an excellent evening, with plenty of company, atmosphere and contact us as soon as possible so that all our teams can work together to create the best evening possible.


As you can see, the Oh! César is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Take advantage of a visit to our beautiful capital to discover a legendary Cabaret