Master of Ceremonies

I’ve been involved in the world of entertainment and song since I was very young. Stéphane-Gilles appeared in several musicals before joining his own troupe, Salut les Tubes, with whom he toured extensively. He has represented France around the world, notably in Tokyo and Sydney for the French Film Festival.

A true Parisian by birth, he spent his youth and his 400 coups as a Niçois. Stéphane Gilles Guichard knew from the age of 6 that the stage was made for him. After his general education classes in the morning, he had a blast in the afternoon with his singing, tap, dance, piano and acting classes…

A few years later, he shared the stage with troupes from musicals such as “Chantons Sous La Pluie” in Paris. He then went on tour with his “Salut les Tubes” troupe.

He was lucky enough to tour with Les Farfadais, notably in Bordeaux in front of 20,000 people.

Today at Oh! César, the public is not so numerous, but also appreciative of his talents as host of the evening!

The inspiration for this job came from all the American musicals I watched as a child…

I had enormous admiration for Gene Kelly!

At the age of 17, I received a prize from Sacem as the youngest singer-songwriter, and was lucky enough to perform my songs with a 20-piece band.

I forgot my lyrics, and had to sing the same verse of “Amsterdam” four times at Bobino.

I also had the opportunity to perform in front of 20,000 people in Bordeaux during a tour with Les Farfadais. It was quite a challenge.

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