Equally at home in a close-up or on stage, he’s a creator of laughter, dreams and emotion. Dynamic humour and interactivity are its watchwords. With a natural ease, he manages to convince even the most sceptical with his magical and mental experiments.

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People often ask me, how do you become a magician?
One day, one of my BTS teachers said to me: “Correas, I feel that you are much more fulfilled when you do card tricks for us than when you take my classes…”.
The next day, my mother comes to drag me out of bed:
She: “Get up, it’s time!”
Me: “No, Mum!
She: “What?!?!”
Me: “I’m quitting school!”
She cried.
Me: “I want to be a magician”
She cried twice as hard!
With 20 years of cabaret and events experience under her belt, her delicious blend of elegance, impertinence and originality give her performance an unexpected depth and freshness, earning her the best reviews of the moment and opening the doors to some of Paris’s top dinner shows.

Depending on your evening, you’ll have the pleasure of watching this artist perform.


Photo credit: Laura Paget