Virtuoso violinist

Violinist Laure Schappler moves effortlessly between styles, from jazz to pop to rock, developing a rare musicality and expertise.

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Conservatory prize.



She likes ‘real’ exchanges. When you play music, the only way to touch someone, to get a message across, is to be real. She loves the eternity of the moment when everything happens. Exchange, recognition, respect, intimacy.
Being an artist means being a channel, a vector for something bigger.
When she plays the violin, she connects with the moment and lets the music flow through her to touch those she is meant to touch.

She was greatly inspired by a violinist called David Oistrack, as well as Agnes Obel, a singer, and by so many other human beings on the planet.



18 years old. She joined the Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra as a replacement for 2 years.



When she was a little girl, her parents asked me what instrument she wanted to learn. She went out into the garden to think, as her father used to do, doing laps around the courtyard with her hands behind her back. She hesitated between the harp and the violin. The answer came to him with disconcerting ease. She wanted to travel, to be free. The harp is a magnificent instrument, but it takes up too much space. So it will be the violin.
She was 7 years old and has never regretted her choice.



Release of his first 4-track album, featuring 3 covers of French songs and his first original track.
Preparing an album of original compositions for late 2019-early 2020
Continue to play live, to experiment with other places and other music.



“Hic et Nunc” (Here and Now)


Depending on your evening, you’ll have the pleasure of watching this artist perform.