Judy Cehmm

Singer, songwriter and composer

Judy CEHMM is a Franco-Spanish singer, songwriter and composer. She started singing and playing the piano at the age of 8 and began her career in TV talent shows at the age of 12. She studied at the Ecole du Spectacle in Paris (ESS) for 3 years. She has appeared in musicals (Emilie Jolie, Crazy Street, Jack the Ripper, Pocahontas), at Disney, on television as an actress in the series “Chante” for France 2, and in the “Tubes Years” troupe with Jean Pierre Foucault on TF1. Judy performs all over France and Europe with her own shows or as part of international productions. She is also a regular at Parisian cabarets such as César Palace. Judy is the energy of French chic. She recorded her first album in New York, where she worked with the musicians of Billy Joel and Lady Gaga. She recently obtained permission from Prince’s record label to cover a version she produced of the song ‘Strange Relationship’. Judy enjoys collaborating on a wide variety of musical projects; she draws inspiration from and surrounds herself with talented artists in order to fuse different musical styles such as electro, pop, rock and classical music. Judy Cehmm is published by 3 stars in the same sky.