In this show, you’ll find the best and, above all, the worst of the personalities who make the news every day…
The writing is sharp, daring and no-holds-barred… at the level of the main players in our society – politicians, sportsmen and women, TV stars…

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Born on 13 March 1983, Rémi was still at secondary school in Alès (Gard) when he won ” GRAINES DE STAR “on M6 (5 appearances between January 2000 and June 2001), followed by 2 appearances on ” C’EST MON CHOIX ” on France 3 and 2 appearances on ” COUPS D’HUMOUR ” on TF1.

On 29 December 2009, Rémi took part in “LA VIE EN RIRE” on France 3 alongside, among others, Anne ROUMANOFF and Michel LEEB. The sketch lasts 7 minutes, and the show achieves a record audience share of over 20%.

Since the beginning of January 2010, Rémi has been broadcasting live every morning on NOSTALGIE (the leading adult music radio station), where his column is called Edition Imitée. In August 2011, it began its 3rd season on air.

Guest on Laurent BAFFIE’s programme “C’est quoi ce bordel!” broadcast on Europe 1 and VIRGIN 17.
Voice of General de Gaulle for the EUROSTAR campaign to mark the 70th anniversary of the “l’appel du 18 Juin“.
Actor for the hidden camera show “Mes Parents vont t’adorer” on NRJ12 produced by Benjamin CASTALDI.
The impersonator of Rire et Chansons since 2012 with the daily column “Marceau refait l’info” broadcast live every morning.

Depending on your evening, you’ll have the pleasure of watching this artist perform.