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Google reviews 2 weeks ago

“Great welcome and atmosphere! Clara Morgane and the various artists who accompanied her gave us a beautiful show that I recommend and look forward to the new one planned for 2024!”

Google reviews 1 month ago

“Very nice show. It’s really good to see cabaret with all its features. Clara Morgane is magnificent and well accompanied by very good artists. Very warm welcome and excellent service. Thank you for this evening .”


Trip Advisor review 1 month ago

Exceptional, we loved everything, the welcome, the service, the very friendly and professional staff, the simple but effective meal, the very good wine, the performances were well above our expectations.The show was really top notch.The troupe was magnificent. What more can we say, a cabaret that’s not superficial, excellent value for money, and a must after the show, a musical evening of dancing for those who want it…thank you so much, it was so great.

Google reviews 1 month ago

An unforgettable evening! The dancers were incredible, as were the artists, magician, acrobats and that incredible Jérôme who made us laugh and dream!

A discovery of cabaret that makes me want to discover this world !

Special mention to the person who did both the reception and the show (tap dancing and singing).

Congratulations again to the entire Oh! cabaret team. César !!!


Google reviews 1 month ago

“Very nice little venue, family atmosphere, excellent artists.
You’ve got the master of ceremonies, who’s also a very good singer and dancer, 5 dancers and 2 ballet dancers who finish on the French Cancan: the traditional Parisian, always a pleasure.
A juggler, a magician, an acrobat right next to us: what a talent! And a magnificent woman at the hoop and barre.
And all this with a meal that was very good, with attentive staff.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.”

Google reviews 1 month ago

“Very good corporate evening in this establishment. The team is very attentive before and during the event. While the transitional entertainment is still “nice”, the level and atmosphere rise to a crescendo with the show afterwards. I recommend”

Avis Google il y a 2 mois

“On a passé une superbe soirée. Ambiance très conviviale avec des spectacles divers de qualité. Les serveurs et animateurs ont su nous faire oublier les petits tracas de la vie ????. Un grand merci et continuez ainsi ????.”

Google reviews 2 months ago

“A lovely evening in a pleasant setting, with a very decent meal served with good humour. A highly professional show featuring a top-class magician and a juggler as talented as he is funny. The dancers are also perfect. An excellent singer to start with. A good place to relax.

Google reviews 3 months ago

“Super cabaret, very nice performance with very professional dancers, magicians. Top waiter, perfect meal. The best part is being able to stretch your legs on the stage at the end of the evening.
I highly recommend it.”

Google reviews 6 months ago

“Superb!!!! Very good meal, extraordinary team, show of great quality. If you’re looking for a place where you can have fun in a family atmosphere, then you’ve got to push open the door of oh césar. A big thank you to all we spent a wonderful evening for the birthday of our mom. See you soon.

Facebook post on 05/05/19

“a very enjoyable show that made you feel privileged at every moment. I recommend it for an evening full of pep, conviviality and stars in the eyes.”

Avis Facebook le 20/05/19

“Nous avons passé une soirée extra ce jeudi 16 mai 2019 ! Super ambiance, dîner excellent, animation et accueil vraiment au top et un spectacle génial, impressionnant et on s’est vraiment marrés ! On recommande vivement et on garde l’adresse pour une prochaine soirée sur Paris  ????❤️❤️❤️”


Facebook post on 22/04/19

“Magnificent show, warm atmosphere, pleasant and available staff, smiling and friendly welcome, gourmet cuisine, stylish interior and chic decor.”

Facebook post on 20/11/18

“Superb evening! The welcome is very friendly. Wonderful show. I recommend it!”

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Facebook post on 18/11/18

“We came on Saturday evening and enjoyed a magical evening.
The dinner is enlivened by short comedy sketches and a few dances to whet our appetites. (On the other hand, the food is not exceptional).
Then it’s time for the show: a fast-paced affair that takes us from one discovery to the next, with dance, humour and song. A real pleasure!
The welcome was friendly and we were even able to extend the evening on the dancefloor.”

Facebook post on 18/11/18

“Good welcome. Great atmosphere. Go for it!”

Facebook post on 16/11/18

“Superb evening! The welcome is very friendly. Wonderful show. I recommend it!”

Avis Facebook le 14/11/18

“Merveilleux lieu, accueil chaleureux, service impeccable !!! Que dire je vous invite à vous y rendre !!! ????????????????????????‍♀️????????

Facebook post on 14/11/18

“Superb show, very good evening, great team”

Facebook post on 11/11/18

“Great welcome. Airy venue. Quality shows. Family atmosphere and the comedians’ interventions during the meal are very funny. We loved it!!!”

Franciane & Gérard
Avis Facebook le 11/11/18

“Superbe soirée ????????l accueil l’ambiance ????????repas ????????spectacle ???????????? Franciane & Gérard de REIMS. CE PIPER HEIDSEICK”

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Facebook post on 11/11/18

“Superb evening, great atmosphere well done to the staff.”

Facebook post on 10/11/18

“I had a great time, both with the show and the food. SUPER!”

Facebook post on 02/11/18

“Great evening and thank you to Christine and Marc for their kindness and humour”.

Avis Facebook le 02/11/18

“Une soirée extraordinaire au César Palace grâce au sourire de Marc???? Merci pour l’accueil”

Facebook post on 21/10/18

“A superb evening! Thanks to Christine and Marc for their friendliness and kindness. Good meal and great show. The host of the evening is “top” and has many talents, in particular the imitation of Charles Aznavour and Elie Kakou. We’ll be back for sure. Well done to you all and see you soon”.

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

TripAdvisor review on 16/10/18

“A simple but good meal, a variety of performances, juggling with humour, an excellent violinist who went from French pop to Mr Jackson, a two-person act on a hoop, the sketch of the two dancers dressed only in their bath towels must have pleased the ladies in the front rows (!), a singer who made us laugh a lot and some pretty dancers but not too many feathers and rhinestones, a revamped French cancan, little dance or comedy interludes where the performers went on and on. ) a songwriter who made us laugh a lot and pretty dancers but not too many feathers and rhinestones, a revisited French cancan, little dance or comedy interludes where the performers move to the middle of the tables and where customers celebrating a birthday are invited to the central podium with part of the team (just so that the family can take a photo),
We weren’t seated at the front, but on one side, so we didn’t miss any of the performances, but only the room closest to the stage was occupied on this Sunday lunchtime, with around 150 people. I cannot give an opinion on visibility when the establishment is full.
At the end of all the artists’ performances, you can take to the stage to dance.
There is a photographer, but you don’t have to buy the €10 photos.
It’s a simple, family-run establishment where the staff are versatile but above all very welcoming and attentive to customers, always with a sense of humour.
We had an excellent time.”

TripAdvisor review on 26/04/18

“A surprisingly warm welcome and the more the evening progresses the more pleasant the atmosphere becomes. A fantastic team and (black) humour throughout the evening.
An impressive performance by a contortionist on a hoop, a juggler who loses and pulls up his trousers in an amazing way, pretty dancers, magic… in short, a complete change of scenery.
The staff are a model of friendliness and professionalism.
The same goes for the school’s director, with whom we chatted at the end of the show, as well as the very approachable artists.
You’ll enjoy an excellent evening at Oh Cesar Palace in pure Parisian cabaret style.
Thank you all for a great evening!
We’ll be back :-)”

TripAdvisor review on 18/04/18

“An evening that builds to a crescendo A simple, quality meal Room service was very good A big plus for the singer CARINE Erseng who, as usual, set the room alight. In short, a very good evening”.

Facebook post on 16/04/18

“Super evening, very nice meal, successful cabaret show and successful magician, comedian, juggler and musician at the same level. Well done to the whole team, don’t change a thing… See you very soon on your next visit to Paris to see your new show”.

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

TripAdvisor review on 04/04/18

“Thank you to all the staff at this establishment for making our surprise birthday for our friend Laurence so magical! Very good meal, excellent show (dance, singing, magic, acrobatics and humour – well done to the artists!), top welcome! Thanks again for all your kindness. I recommend, I recommend, I recommend !!!!”

TripAdvisor review on 01/03/18

“We tested César Palace by chance during a short weekend in Paris.
A very pleasant surprise. The welcome by Ali, the manager at the entrance, was very professional and warm, even though we hadn’t booked. Then our waiter, Marc, was adorable and had a great sense of humour. The show throughout the meal and then the big show afterwards was very varied and of very high quality. Finally, we had an excellent evening in a family atmosphere. I highly recommend this establishment.”

Facebook Opinion on 09/02/18

“Had an excellent evening. Top welcome and friendliness.
Excellent menu, great show and dance atmosphere.
Well done to the artists and a special mention to the little blonde lady for her availability”.

Facebook post on 08/02/18

“Excellent evening at the César palace. Great welcome, very good service. The meal was top-notch and the waiters were very attentive! Not forgetting the unforgettable show. All the emotions were there. Congratulations to this wonderful team, which includes a wide range of talents, each more wonderful than the last.

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Facebook post on 27/01/18

“We had an excellent evening my husband and I appreciated the gift that our municipality gave us for our 50th wedding anniversary we chose your cabaret and we are delighted, the meal was very good, the show very entertaining and the welcome perfect Thank you very much!”

TripAdvisor review on 22/01/18

“Family dinner show at the top!
Nice welcome, pleasant room, not too big, central track…
Very good quality meal!
Great atmosphere, everything is done to make sure you have a great time… no fuss… Thank you all, we’ll be back and will recommend you to our friends!

Facebook post on 16/12/17

“Hello, I came on Thursday 14 with my Works Council and I enjoyed it in every sense of the word. From the show to the meal, it was top-notch. Thanks to the comic juggler for the memorable laugh I caught. I highly recommend it.”

Notice CE ADREA Mutuelle le 15/12/17

“The whole CE ADREA team joins me in thanking you for the warm welcome and the wonderful evening we spent at the César palace.

We’ll be sure to let everyone know about the quality of your establishment.”

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

Facebook notice of 09/12/17

“Everything was top notch: the welcome, the service, the show, the menu at 113, the champagne and the dancing. We were a group of 23 and everyone left delighted. A big thank you also to Christine who pampered us at the table. Long live César Palace“.

Opinion Tibco Software France on 08/12/2017

“On behalf of our entire team, I’d like to thank you for organising our evening.

All our employees had a great time. Your artists’ performances were much appreciated.

I’d like to thank your entire team for their kindness, efficiency and patience with our merrymakers last night.

A special mention to Ali for her expertise, which made all the difference and made our experience really enjoyable.

Please pass on the compliments they deserve. ;-)”

TripAvisor review of 08/12/17

“Lunch, followed by the show “O César”. Simple but correct meal. Pleasant artists and waiters. A good time with diverse and varied artists.

Facebook post of 25/11/17

“I was there last night. Just to let you know that this really is a dinner and show for family and friends. There’s a very, very good reception. We’ll be doing it again, and the 18-year-olds we were will have fond memories of us. Good luck to this very young team.”

Yelp review of 23/11/17

“New show and new menu since September. The show starts as soon as the meal begins, with a really cool pre-show. The food is very good (a change from the idea that cabarets don’t know how to cook). The show was very good, with several different tableaux (Parisian revue-style dancers, comedians, magicians, contortionists, singers, etc.).
It’s like being at the world’s biggest cabaret. Nice atmosphere (although it also depends on the other spectators :D). Attentive staff. After the show, there was a dance party with a club atmosphere late into the night. In short, a wonderful evening.

As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

TripAdvisor review of 21/10/17

“A decent meal at lunchtime and a lively, varied show …. A frenzied French cancan (well done, young people!), Charlie Chaplin-style comedy (innovative and interesting), a bluffing magician (watched on video by Christian… lol), and a successful towel sketch, but you disappointed my wife, guys! hi! hi! , she was a very talented violinist who generated a lot of emotion and got us singing in an Edith Piaf atmosphere! The host and participants in the shows were at the top of their game, and the staff who served at the table were very pleasant, especially Marc (nicknamed “beau sourire”). I really like his deadpan side! sincerely thank you to all the participants in this show who made us spend a lovely afternoon…
There’s also the boss who comes to ask whether his guests are happy or not!
Thank you all so much for this moment!!

Yelp review of 28/06/17

“I had a great evening! A great meal, very friendly staff, a crazy atmosphere and an incredible show!!! Well done to the team, I recommend it.

Yelp review of 28/06/17

“The show was amazing, The dancers were great and the acts in between were amazing. The champagne was very good, I’d recommend it!

Yelp review of 26/06/17

“An excellent time spent here.
Excellent value for money.
A cabaret with a Parisian spirit, near the Montparnasse Tower, just at the top!


As you can see, the Oh! César Paris is the ideal place to go out in Paris!

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